What We Do

AK Collaborative 2023 Service Directory

Public Health Education and Outreach

We provide Education and Outreach about public health issues affecting immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and BIPOC communities in Maine in a culturally and linguistically apporpriate manner. We also focus on specific education and Outreach about health issues that predominantly affects our communities including but not limited to Cancers, Diabetics, tobacco prevention, Women Health and Mental Health Education.

Workforce Development

We work with members of the immigrant, refugees, asylum seekers and BIPOC communities in Maine who face multiple barriers and challenges in accessing The labor Market. Services we provide include resume building, Job searches, Job applications and providing trainings and seminars designed to help them prepare for their next employment.


We work with school age children from the immigrant and BIPOC communities through our after school program, to help strengthen their academic, physical health and social skills. we provide tutoring and other extracurricular activities, provide enrichment services giving students an outlet to express themselves through poetry, art, drama, music and dance. we work with the adult members of our community with limited English language skills by providing supplemental English language classes through our adult literacy program.

Food Security & Nutrition

We work with our immigrant and BIPOC communities to get them access to healthy foods. we partner with Good Shepherd Food Bank through their community redistribution program to provide food support to families in Need. We hold trainings and seminars and provide outreach and education about healthy eating habits and nutrition.

Civic Engagement

We engage our communities to be more involved in the civic process. we strive to improve the quality of life for our immigrant population through political and non political process including political activism, environmentalism and through community services. we provide education to our immigrant about their rights including human rights and constitutional rights. we host voter registration and voter information session to engage our immigrant and BIPOC communities during election session.

Vaccine Equity Program